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January 18 2020


Mi A3 Android One Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons

If you want to know a jungle overview of this one, you can check out my unboxing in this article. Will directly jump between the pros and cons? What do I like about this phone and what are the things that are annoying me on this one? And if you look at the specs, this is having a relatively smaller screen, a 6.

01 screen, but it's an AMOLED screen. It has in display fingerprint scanner and other specs, as you can see, particularly the camera layout is good. It is having that triple camera layout and other specs are on the screen for your reference. So, let's quickly jump between the pros and cons here is a less I'll go over all the pros and the cons in this article, and the first thing that I liked is that these days, many of the phones are coming with really big sized screens.

This one relatively, if you look at it, is having a pretty compact size screen, it's a 6.01 screen and that's the reason as you can see, it fits easily within your head also in terms of styling. Some of you might like it or not. But again this has this styling and if light falls on it, you get that reflection. It actually looks pretty cool. So in terms of looks, I would say it is looking actually pretty good.

It looks actually a pretty premium, in my Frank opinion, also because of its size, it easily fits in your hand. Pretty compact, like this, and also at the build quality, is actually good. Black is also Gorilla. Glass. The front is also Gorilla. Glass now moving to a fingerprint. It has this in display fingerprint scanner, because it's having an AMOLED screen, as you can see, and again I would say it's the fastest in display fingerprint scanner that we have seen in the industry but yeah.

It takes about a second and works almost most of the time, and there is also that face unlocking option on this. It'S provided, but I would say, do not use that because it's not actually very, very secure so for unlocking, I would say, use this in display. Fingerprint scanner, though it's not the fastest now one more small thing that I am liking on this phone and the many of the phones are or might ring, is here on the top the right now I don't have any notification.

We do have a physical LED notification light, but it is only in fight color and by default for some strange reason. Actually, it's not enabled - and you can actually go to the notifications tab over here. We have this apps and notifications. If you go over here this one here, you have this blink light option just enable that, and then you will have that physical LED notification like, but it's just in white fella.

Now I'm moving to one more important thing. As I tested this one in Heather bod with the Geo and Airtel, are in terms of network reception. This is not cellular call quality network reception. I would say this is actually a pretty good much better than most of the other phones that I have tested. In fact, it comes in the top tire I would say, like the flagship, Samsung phones, for example. I have always praised the Galaxy S 10 plus for its network reception.

This one also falls in that, for example, right now. Also it's an ad. Do you want cell and in this area it tell is having actually very low signal, but you know with that low signal. Yes, it's still on low signal. I am able to take calls here without getting disconnected, so that means the network. Reception is actually good again of a G also, I did not have any problem and it has a obviously volte support now.

Moving to another important thing is that how's, the earpiece on the smart phone, because that is also a very important thing. In my Frank opinion - and here I'm happy to say that, unlike some of the earlier, what he says - Xiaomi phones, for example, particularly if re caught with the redmi note, 7, providing never like the european - was not super clear. But on this one again, the earpiece is also very, very clear, like high-end premium, Android phone.

So in that aspect, while taking cellular calls, they were crystal clear and did not have any problem, and the other part is also never complained about calls getting muddy or anything like that. So in that respect I would say, let me show me that actually a very good job. Moving to the speaker, we just have a single speaker over here, just this area speaker. So, while reading articles and stuff you have to cup it like this, but it's actually adequately loud.

Her ringtone volumes are also on the higher side so again for notifications, etc. I even took some calls for a speakerphone. I did not have a problem. I also like the fact that now the 3.5 mm headphone jack is back. That was missing on the me a 2 now moving to what do you say? Another thing is that again this is a stock Android phone, that's an Android one device. That means it has talked Android experience.

As you can see, you have the app free and all those things you get the. So this is what experience you'll get even on pixel devices and stuff. So this is the pure Android experience what Google intended. So that is what you are getting on this and the advantage of this one is that again, you will not have to worry about Android updates on this one. This will get the Android updates very quickly, so you don't have to worry about that.

So that is also actually a really nice thing, so in terms of Android updates, you don't have to worry about this one and you also get the latest security updates. So in that aspect it's got T Android, not a lot of bloatware and anything that varies. You also the moving to the performance. I will talk about the SOC reservations. What I have later, they are using the Snapdragon 6:65 SOC on this one and as it's stopped Android without any bloatware or anything, it handles everything, fine and also in terms of RAM management.

The RAM management was fine, but guys this is the review on it, and this is the higher-end variant that comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM and in this one again I never had any issues of what you say: RAM management on this one. So that way, also the ROM management has been done well on this device, so no lag that I'm noticing on this one in day to day usage, you won't have an issue now. Some of you have asked me: does this phone exhibit any overheating issues or anything like that, and I would send no? Yes, I don't start the back after about 15-20 minutes of continuous use it, for example, you are reading YouTube articles replying to him, adding tweets and stuff like that.

Yes, the back gets slightly evolved, but again that's the common thing that I have noticed with almost every Android smartphone. That is having a glass back so in day to day usage, I would say: heating is not an issue unless you're just giving continuously for a long I'll talk about the gaming in the later part of the article. Now, let's talk about the battery on this one, this has a four thousand thirty million power battery and I have to say the battery life is actually really good on this one.

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